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No Gamey Taste |What to do

It is all about getting the temperature of the body down as quickly as possible. So, once you have laid that animal to rest, be sure to Field Dress it right away. We recommend using our Deer Rope™ for experienced hunters and non-experienced alike for an easier and potentially cleaner method. Bacteria starts to grow at a rapid rate after it has reached 40° Fahrenheit and above. In most geographical locations during bow season and mid/late season for whitetail deer you will need to get to cutting or sending that thing on its way to the processer. In some cases, and other game hunting seasons, this may not be as temperatures could be below 40° all day.

Once you have finished this part of hunt be sure to keep the meat away from dirt while taking it out as this can pose a bacterial threat. Also, a lot of people will tell you that you need to clean out the cavity with water, and while there is nothing wrong in doing this just be sure to not go over kill. If you use more water than to just merely “rinse out” the cavity (such as soaking) you are most likely going to damage the meat and it will not taste well after it has been prepared on a plate. Lastly, let the meat dry in a cool place if you are doing the work yourself.

The more in tune you are with this process the quicker you will be on your way to the grill for a tasty old fashion dinner.  

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Deer Rope – The extra hand, find out how

Everyone who hunts enjoys the thrill and excitement of when you harvest that trophy buck, but no one likes having blood on their hands, arms or their clothes. Guess what, we do not either! So after a few years of designs and harvested white-tailed animals later the DEER ROPE was created. When it comes to field dressing your kill you will not find anything as simple, safe and as clean when you are using this product, and that is why we think you should try the DEER ROPE. Never to worry again about the legs getting in the way, trying to balance the animal on its back, and while experienced or not even the best can injure themselves using a sharp knife during the process. So we invite you to give this NEW method a try and let the DEER ROPE give you an extra hand during the least fun part of the hunt.

You can come see us at the Deer Expo Alabama in Birmingham, AL June 13th – 15th.

Deer Rope